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Arete Consulting is your trusted partner, utilizing expertise in nurse case management effectively and efficiently to manage injured worker claims to improve the bottom line.


Case Management Solutions

Field Case Management
Catastrophic Case Management
Triage Task Management
Utilization Control


Improving outcomes with

excellence in case management.

Our effective case management promotes healthier relationships between all parties resulting in timely treatment, improved outcomes, and shortened open claim time to reduce your cost. Our unique approach to case management provides a high level of care, which often results in shorter disability periods for substantial medical cost savings. We save an average of $21,599 per claim over cost!

Achieving Quality Outcomes

Achieving Quality Outcomes   


Empowering Employers   


Supporting Insurance Carriers

Case management is an effective means for improving the health and wellness of the injured worker through advocacy, communication, education, identification of service resources, and facilitation of efficient and effective services. Utilizing the expertise of Arete Consulting to effectively and efficiently manage your claims has been proven to improve the bottom line.

Improve Health and Wellness of the Injured
Effectively and efficiently manage claims

Effectively and efficiently manage claims

  • Reduce stress

  • Decrease compensation claims cost

  • Give more time back to your day

Managing claims to improve the bottom line

  • Saved average of 106 lost time days for one carrier over the previous year

  • Decreased lost time 82% for one employer over their previous year

  • Light duty days decreased by 500 over the year as we facilitated a faster return to full duty

Managing claims to improve the bottom line

We are happy with Arete and the business relationship we have with you all. 

     Workers’ Compensation Supervisor, Memphis TN


You guys do great! Keep up the good work!

     Administrative Support, Orthopedic clinic, Memphis TN 


You guys rock!!

      Workers' Compensation Sr. Claims Adjuster

What do we need for a referral?

What do we need for a referral?

  • First Report of Injury – if available.  If not then please send as much demographic information as possible. We at least need the DOB, SSN and a contact phone number…although we have started files without them! 

  • Signed Panel C42 with the choice of an authorized physician.  If you need a panel, then we will provide one to you.  We will follow up with the injured worker to obtain their choice and schedule the appointment as soon as possible.

  • Medical records if you have any available.  We will obtain if you do not.

  • That is absolutely all we need to get started! Click this link for our quick referral form!

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