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Arete Consulting | About Us

At Arete, our mission is to provide the highest quality nurse medical case management with a cost-effective delivery. Improving outcomes with excellence in case management. 


Your Trusted Partner
BWC REWARDS Certified RTW Coordinator

Board Certified Case Manager

Arete Consulting, LLC is a woman-owned business, established in 2013 by Dana Volner and is based in Jackson, TN. Dana brings more than 27 years of nursing experience as a Legal Nurse Consultant and Official Disability Guidelines or ODG Certified Case Manager. The Arete team are all experienced Bachelors-level Registered Nurses and/or Certified Case Manager Registered Nurses with years of surgical, critical care, orthopedic, neurology, and psychology nursing experience.

We understand that your time and financial resources are valuable. This is why we make our solutions easy for you to access. Our goal is to make the referral process easy.  We will confirm the referral with you within 2 hours and let you know that we are getting straight to work to provide excellent care to your injured worker.


Arete Consulting does not require a contract, so you are under no obligation. We bill real-time with no set monthly minimums. Our rates are among the most competitive in the nation and invoices will be itemized and concise for clarity. You can rely on easy-to-read, informative reports.


As a small business, we appreciate every referral and we thank you for choosing Arete Consulting.  Our case managers understand the importance of achieving quality outcomes for the injured workers but also empower the employers and support the insurance carriers in many ways.  Case management is an effective means for improving the health and wellness of the injured worker through advocacy, communication, education, identification of service resources, and facilitation of efficient and effective services. 


Utilizing the expertise of Arete Consulting to effectively and efficiently manage your claims has been proven to improve the bottom line.  We appreciate your next referral so we can help reduce the stress of your workload, decrease the cost of your workers' compensation claims and give more time back to your day!  


A few of our recent statistics:

  • Saved average of 106 lost time days for one carrier over the previous year

  • Decreased lost time 82% for one employer over their previous year

  • Light duty days decreased by 500 over the year as we facilitated a faster return to full duty

  • We save an average of $21,599 per claim over cost

What's in a name? 


Arete (Greek: ἀρετή) is a concept in ancient Greek thought that, in its most basic sense, refers to "excellence" of any kind, also "moral virtue". This notion of excellence was ultimately bound up with the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function: the act of living up to one's full potential.


In the Homeric poems, Arete is frequently associated with bravery, but more often with effectiveness. The person of Arete is of the highest effectiveness; they use all their faculties—strength, bravery, and wit—to achieve real results. In the Homeric world, then, Arete involves all of the abilities and potentialities available to humans.


In some contexts, Arete is explicitly linked with human knowledge, where the expressions "virtue is knowledge" and "Arete is knowledge" are used interchangeably. The highest human potential is knowledge and all other human abilities are derived from this central capacity. If Arete is knowledge and study, the highest human knowledge is knowledge about knowledge itself; in this light, the theoretical study of human knowledge, which Aristotle called "contemplation", is the highest human ability and happiness.

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